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The story has emotions, drama and of course Music, just like a Bollywood movie. 
Though the love for music was always there, it was just confined to listening and some bathroom singing.
In 2012, when the heart broke and everything seemed meaningless, it was singing and playing guitar which gave some solace. All the unsaid - unshared feelings erupted as songs and music played a crucial role in turning the page when life was stuck. Slowly his songs started taking the centre stage at weekend get togethers and he started enjoying his newfound stardom among friends. Life was back on track again.
One fine day even his laptop decided to raise a toast but it did not survive the hangover. Then entered MacBook and an accidental introduction to GarageBand opened a Pandora box. A microphone joined the party and a small home studio was set up. Every evening it became a playground and the process of music creation got him deeply engrossed.
Music has no language they say and when he approached Midas Studios in Belgium with his Hindi Songs ,  a Flemish Producer mentored this Indian musician into the world of Professional Music.  Since then, there has been no looking back as he went on to collaborate with many more accomplished artists from the Belgian Music Industry. His songs made it to the Radio,  got featured along side some acclaimed International Artists  and his music has been receiving lots of support and appreciation from the listeners. 
Though this journey has played an 'instrumental' role in keeping him contented and in current moment, the course it will take is still to be seen.  
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